As a service to our members and woodturning friends,  the monthly newsletter is available in Adobe Acrobat ".PDF" format, which can be read with a variety of programs including Adobe Reader.

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The current issue of the WNT newsletter is: 

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Nov 2020 (Cable/DsL)  Nov 2020 (Dial-Up)

Oct 2020 (Cable/DsL)  Oct 2020 (Dial-Up)

Sept 2020 (Cable/DsL)  Sept 2020 (Dial-Up)

August 2020(Cable/DsL)  Aug 2020(Dial-Up)

July 2020 (Cable/DsL)  July 2020(Dial-Up)

June 2020 (Cable/DsL)  June 2020 (Dial-Up)

May 2020 (Cable/DsL)  May 2020 (Dial-Up)

April 2020 (Cable/DsL)  April 2020 (Dial-Up)

March 2020 (Cable/DsL)   March 2020 (Dial-Up)

February 2020 (Cable/DsL)  February 2020 (Dial-Up)

January 2020 (Cable/DsL)  January 2020 (Dial-Up)