Nov 2017

 Finishing - Chris, John Solberg & PeteTkacs

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“We will have 3 presenters talking about wood finishing. Chris Morgan will start out by giving a comprehensive overview of finishing options. He will talk about the solvents for the various types of finishes and the properties of these finishes, like durability, safety, and speed of application. He will bring his collection of finishes and show a number of options to choose from. Also, you will finally learn about the difference between shellac, lacquer, and varnish. The second presenter is John Solberg. John has done some testing on various finishes you will find interesting. How is one finish more or less durable than another; is one type of finish more susceptible to damage than another. John will show the results of his experimentation. And, finally, Peter Tkacs will demonstrate the Beall buffing system and why he likes it as a final step in putting a perfect finish on his turned objects.”