May 2018 Topic

The Tools and Process for Hollow Turning

hollowOur presenter, LARRY MAUGHN, has been working with wood since a youngster.  During the last 30 years his focus has been on woodturning including pens, bowls, spindles, goblets and platters.  He began using products from the Easy Wood Tools company some after the company began in 2008.  He is a Certified Instructor with Easy Wood Tools and has done turning demonstrations in most of the wood stores and area clubs.  Larry is a member of the Dallas Area Woodturners and the North Texas Woodworkers Association.

Hollowing can be done on wood, acrylics and other materials.  It is often done to make lidded boxes, goblets, vases, and various shapes of bowls.  Hollowing out a shape is done through small or large openings.  There are many tools available for this process with fixed-tips – both straight, swan-neck shapes - or tools with swivel tips.  In this demonstration you will see hollowing done using various tools with carbide cutting tips.  These tools work well on either parallel or cross-grain woods mounted on the lathe.