April 2013 Demo

Robert Trimmell


roberttrimmelRobert will take a american cherry log, 13 inches across, and split it with a electric chain saw down the middle length wise.  Next he will lay out the eight sided bowl to get the best position in the half of the log.  He will mount it on the lathe with spur center and live tail stock.  Then will round back or bottom and cut a dovetail tenon, then will reverse mount it on a four jaw chuck and flatten the top to get even thickness with the bottom.  Then proceed to hollow out the center with sweep back ground gouge.  As the turning progresses he will measure the thickness with calipers.  Sanding down to 320 grit he will put a water based acrylic finish on it. 

Robert Trimmell  began woodturning at Oklahoma Panhandle State University  in the early 1970s.  Life happened and he married a East Texan, where he found an abundant supply wood!  He and his wife Dolly built a home on Lake of the Pines.  He bought a Shopsmith to build the house and started his woodturning hobby that became his passion.  He joined East Texas Woodturners many years ago. He enjoys teaching at  Studio 190 in Lone Star, TX .