Acorn Box Top


Kevin Bassett


The acorn box top is small hollow acorn shaped lidded box that can be spun like a top.

This quick and easy project is fun to do and can have some surprising uses.

  • Mount appropriate stock into chuck – a 1” by 6” turning square is adequate
  • Face off the end & turn round – 7/8” to begin
  • Drill 11/16” hole with forstner bit approximately 3/8” deep
  • Turn basic shape, size and wall thickness at the mortise
  • Refine outer shape
  • Hollow
  • Final shaping, sanding, finishing as desired
  • Part off to create acorn tip
  • This completes the seed portion of the acorn - Repeat process for additional acorns

Once the run of acorn seeds is complete acorn caps can be done by:

  • Mount slightly larger stock into chuck turn to largest needed diameter and face off end.
  • Turn tenon to fit mortise in seed – sizing may be expedited by using a sharpened wrench
  • Turn acorn cap shape and size to fit
  • Turn acorn stalk – a smaller diameter here makes for a top which will be easy to spin
  • Part off
  • Join cap to seed and give it a spin