It is important that every new member gets an opportunity to spend time with a mentor on their time. But not every new member may want this or need it.

Proposed process

New member join club
Fills out paperwork and pays dues
Goes to mentor table and assigned a mentor
If possible, preferable, meets their mentor that night
A meet is set up
The mentor and new member entry is logged

If a new member is not assigned a mentor that night someone will be assigned the task of following up. This will be documented in the log. If it is decided that a mentor is not in the cards currently, then document but Setup a follow-up call with new member and document. Someone will follow up on these instances.

The initial meeting will be based on the nearest location of each person but if that is not possible then any mentor works. During this meeting sharpening should be one of the objectives and then the interest of the members. If it is decided that a different mentor has the skills that match the needs, then a meeting with the new mentor would happen and documented.

By documenting all these steps, we can make sure everyone that wants/needs a mentor gets one. This can then be shared as a line item on each meeting’s agenda which might encourage other users to take advantage of the mentors. It may be advantageous to keep track and share how often the mentors are being used and for what reason.

It may be good for the mentors to touch base as a group to discuss talking points and other stuff.

It is important to share with any member that the mentors are a benefit of the club and no one will ever be charged for their services no matter how often they are used.

It is also important to be considerate of the mentor’s time and to follow-up on any conversations in a timely manner.

Danny Woods