Links will become correct as the year goes on

December 2002   --  Christmas Banquet

November 2002   --  Sharpening: Wolverine System and the Vari-Grind by Mike Wallace  , the Ellsworth grind by  Fred Denke , Using a belt sander for sharpening tools by Larry Roberts, and the Stuart Batty method of freehand grinding by Larry Genender

October 2002  --   Turning "found wood" by Bob Larson

September 2002  --  Making and using hook tools for end-grain turning  by Raul Pena

August 2002  --  A refined version of his Platters demo by Larry Genender

July 2002 --   Woodturning Fundamentals for Students and Teachers by John Horn

June 2002 --  Duplication on the Lathe by Mike Wallace

May 2002   --  Tools of the Trade by Stacey Hager

April 2002  --   Split woodturning technique, miniatures, and his sanding system by James Johnson

March 2002     --   Turning Goblets by Jimmie Arledge

February 2002   --  Oneway 2436, ,Easy Core system, 2436 boring bar system, and a grinder as a roughing/texturing mechanism by Johnny and Jimmy  Tolly

January 2002  --  Pedal Lathe by Uel Clanton