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November 2008   --  Everything you always wanted to know about turning.. But didn’t know who to ask by Larry Roberts

October 2008   --  Turning Christmas Ornaments by Brian Evans

No September 2008 Issue Available

August 2008   -- When Bowls Fly...  by Craig Timmerman

July 2008   --  Segmented Kitchen Utensils by Delbert Dowdy

June 2008   --  Turning an M&M Dispenser by Johnny Tolly

May 2008   --  Building a Vacuum Chuck System” by Pete Tkacs & John Solberg a.k.a. “The Bruised Brothers"

No April 2008 Issue Available

March 2008   --   Turning and Decorating a Platter by Al Stirt

February 2008  --Making Jewelry on the Lathe by Joel Crabbe

January 2008   --  Ornamental Turning Demonstration by John Herber