November 2012 

Dave Marshall

Topic - Marshall: the Man, the Myth, the Magic


This month’s turning demonstration will be educational, entertaining, historic, folkloric, and if we have any time left, we’ll actually see some turning! And the best part of the evening is that it will be very ego-centric as everything will turn around me (get it... turn around me?)

We plan to cover many aspects of my woodturning from inspiration to spousal advice to tool sharpening to community service to skews to scrapers to sanding and to embellishment (to name a few.) I’ve been turning over the years since I was about 13 years old and you will get to see some of my early pieces (striking, to say the least) and select pieces that I’ve done more recently (stunning works of art.)

This evening, we’ll uncover the man we call Marshall. We’ll reveal that he is just a man….but with mythical qualities that some of you may, or may not, see. We’ll learn of his magic as we sit quietly in our flimsy folding chairs, attentively gazing forward as the Man philosophizes on very deep subjects and on a lot of shallow subjects.

This is a demonstration as no other seen in our Club. You won’t want to miss it. It is rumored that the Man may not even allow it to be recorded for prosperity….again, this mythical, magical aurora must be preserved.

The demonstration will conclude with actual turning and hi-tech embellishing…embellishments…. embellishmenting, I guess.

Excuse me now as I head to my woodturning lair to sharpen my skews and to find my 36 grit sandpaper. I hope to see you all at our next Club meeting. And by the way, this is an adult-content demo… probably not suitable for younger turners.

Au revoir, my friends… till we meet on the 29th!