SEptember 2012 

Larry Maughan

Topic - Kallashaan Woods pen kit

guitar pen with stringsFor Larry Maughan, working with wood has been his hobby since he was in elementary school. While borrowing his father’s hand tools (hand saws, drill, plane, files, sandpaper blocks, etc.) he would make wooden boats to float down a nearby stream, or make a wooden car, airplane, train, etc. to play with the kids in his neighborhood. Larry always enjoyed making wooden items that had a functional use.

Out of a need to give gifts to his work employees, he attended the first Dallas area pen-making seminar at the former Dallas Shopsmith store in July of 1987. Since then he has continued this interest and hobby during these past 25 years. He has led many training classes and demonstrations for the area woodworking stores and turning clubs in North Texas.

Woodturner and Cowboy pensFor the upcoming WNTX club meeting he will be assembling and completing the newly released Texas Longhorn Pen produced by the Kallenshaan Woods laser-cut pen company. During the last 5 years, Larry has made and sold almost every pen designed Ken Nelson, President of Kallenshaan Woods. Larry continues to be a local resource for this company in the North Texas area and beyond and gives input as new pen kits are designed by Kallenshaan Woods. At least four of these Longhorn kits, in process of being completed at the meeting, will be given away to club members. Larry will provide timely tips from his experience on assembling, gluing, turning and finishing these beautiful, hand crafted pens. With birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries coming up, this would be a great time to learn some new skills and produce gifts that would most meaningful to the receiver of a hand made gift.