October 2013 Demo

“Thin DIsk Christmas Ornaments

By Johnny Tolly

Johnny & Marcia will be doing a dual demonstra­tion.

Stand and Ornaments

Snow FlakeJohnny will be demonstrating how he turns thin Maple disks for Christmas Ornaments. The disk when finished will be about 1/8 inch thin or thick depending on how you call it. Johnny will demonstrate the use of the Hunter micro tool and the shaping of the disk. He will discuss how he prepares the maple wood to save time and wood. He will then go through the process of turning one side, sanding that too very smooth finish. The sanding will be by the power sanding method, hand sanding could be used if one wishes. Johnny will then use his alternate method to turn the other side and sand it smooth also. He will discuss the use of a vacuum system, but as some do not have a vacuum system he will only talk of that procedure. Questions are encouraged throughout the demonstrations.

Johnny will then turn the dem­onstration over to Marcia where she will explain how she deco­rates the disks with pyrography. Marcia will cover patterns, burning tips, finishing and other secrets that you will not want to miss out on. At the end of the dup demonstration, there will be hands on time period for those that want to try the Hunter tool and or to ask Marcia any ques­tions.