February 2014 Demo


Open Shop

By Everyone

Are you ready for Super Thursday, February 27th?    

Lathes and equipment setup time will start at 2:30 PM

Starting at 3:00 PM until 6:00 pm OPEN SHOP starts with plenty of Mentors to help you with your turning problems.  Bring your tools and a piece of wood you might want to work on and visit the sharpening station to learn about sharpening your tools.

At the same time SWAP, TRADE AND SELL  starts from 3:00 PM until the items you bring are all gone.  Bring your items you no longer want and swap, trade, or sell them during the Super Thursday meeting.  Have the items plainly marked with the price you want for them to help you increase your sales.

Since you might care for something to eat during the event, hot dogs will be available for $1.00 with chips and a drink for another $1.00.  Please bring small bills ,no large bills, since our Treasurer is not a real banker with loads of change.

At the regular meeting time, 6:30 PM,  the program will be TIPS AND TRICKS with several of the WNT members sharing ideas, gadgets, techniques and tools you may find useful in your shop.  You will be amazed how the simple ideas of someone else can improve the quality of your shop time.