2015 Programs   Subject Demonstrator
January Natural-edge/rectangular-edge bowl Ken Rodgers
 February Open Shop/ Skew Demo John Holderman 

Hemisphere hollow form using the Bosch Visualizer

Steve Worcester 
 April  Woodturning Fundamentals and a Toothpick Holder Roger Jones
  Yearly Professional Demo Jimmy Clews
 May  Anything Is Possible, One Stroke At A Time Suzanne McNeill 
 June Natural Edged Bowl Larry Roberts
July End Grained Bowl Jim Tanksley
August  Something Fishy Jimmie Arledge
Sept Christmas Ornaments Gary Sanders

October 29,30,31

29th only

Pyrography demo

Open Shop

Janice Levi
 Nov 19 Lidded Box and Acorn Box Kevin Bassett

December 12

  Christmas Dinner