February 2015 Demo


“Open Shop

By John Holderman

 Skew Demo Handout


jmholder demo photoMy father worked in a lumber yard and always helped friends build their houses, fix barns and any odd job that dealt with carpentry. I tagged a long and helped clean up and later helped with the framing and roofing. After High School I joined the Air Force ans spent the next 20 years traveling around the world. I had a few opportunities to build coffee tables and a couple cabinets but my wood working itch was mainly left unscratched.

When I retired I moved to Dallas for my new job. I mainly worked on my house, built cabinets, computer tables ...etc. In 2008 I had a need for a turned piece for one of my projects and had several friends with lathes attempt to make it but was not satisfied with the results. I broke down and bought a midi lathe and a some tools from Harbor Freight and I made the piece I needed.

When my father came out to visit from California we took a class at Woodcraft and we both were hooked on wood turning. I've since made, or attempted to make as many different types of projects as possible including a couple segmented boxes for Beads of Courage, lidded boxes and kitchen utensils. I love pushing my limits and learning new skills. This candy dish is my latest attempt to expand my understand of the craft.