March 2015 Demo


“Hemisphere hollow form using the Bosch Visualizer

By Steve Worcester

Demo Bio Handout

SteveworchesterWill go over the steps to create one of my signature hollow forms including

Wood selection and mounting to a faceplate (or chuck), easy template creation using an Xacto and a compass and no math. Basic shaping using a side ground gouge as well as shear scraper usage. Hollowing using various forms from a captive system to an articulated hollower (no handheld hollowing tools are used) and using the visualizer for easier to achieve results. Will also go over some basics of chip ejection in hollow forms, types of hollowers (carbide vs HSS) After the basic hemisphere shape is cut and hollowed, we will go over the basics of reversing the form, centering and cutting away the waste using a vacuum chuck or low budget jam chuck.

Project supplies needed
Compressor, any size, but bigger is better.
Shop vac
White board or flipchart easel.
Vacuum pump setup
Jacobs chuck for tailstock