January 2017 Demo


George Freeman on “What You Never Knew About Wood”

and Dr. John Blatman  on  “Wood Toxicity – Cause and Cure”  

Demo Powerpoint Presentation - Click here

GeorgeFreemanGeorge Freeman Biography

Grew up in Boyd, Texas on the Trinity River Bottoms farm land and woods

Dallas Fireman for 45 years, retired in June 2015

Owner of Creative Concepts in Landscaping in Dallas for several years, which was a complete landscape/irrigation/stone laying business

Also had a companion nursery growing operation for trees and shrubs in East Texas at the same time

Enjoys woodworking and woodturning

Owns a sawmill and chainsaw mill used to cut specialty lumber sizes, slabs and beams

Spends a lot of the time in the woods gathering trees for the saw mill and logs to turn into turning blanks.